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This website is devoted to providing its readers with opportunities to think about, discuss, and debate matters of importance to the management of global security challenges in this new century — with a special emphasis upon the impact of technology upon national and international security relationships.  Almost any topic of public policy import is fair game, however.  This is a work in progress ….

We are interested, broadly, in issues of policy, law, and ethics as they arise in connection with questions of public affairs, especially security policy.  Of particular interest are questions of nuclear weapons policy, nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear disarmament, arms control, cyberwarfare, space policy, the “revolution in military affairs,” counter-terrorism law and policy, managing tensions between security and civil liberties, electronic surveillance, intelligence collection and oversight in democracies, the rise of robotics in military and security affairs, and the rise of China in modern international relations.  Click here to see a list of all NPF postings.

This is not a clearing house for news on these topics, for others can do a better job of providing you with real-time media coverage.  We aim instead to be a forum for discussion, and an access point for documents and other websites that we think are of particular interest.

NPF readers are invited to contribute to this ongoing discussion by submitting comments and feedback.  To make the site more resistant to Internet “spam” (since for a long time we had all too much), we ask only that you send your input to Dr. Ford at  We are delighted to get comments responding to particular essays, as well as submissions suitable for "guest blog" postings or as part of a colloquy on a particular subject.  Please also do not hesitate to contact NPF should you experience any problems with this website.

We hope you find the New Paradigms Forum valuable and informative.  Enjoy!

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