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Dear Reader:

This website is devoted to matters of importance to the management of global security challenges, with a special emphasis upon the impact of technology upon national and international security relationships.  Almost any topic of public policy import is fair game, however.

This site is interested, broadly, in issues of policy, law, and ethics as they arise in connection with questions of public affairs, especially security policy.  Of particular interest are questions of nuclear weapons policy, nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear disarmament, arms control, cyberwarfare, space policy, the latest “revolution in military affairs,” counter-terrorism law and policy, managing tensions between security and civil liberties, electronic surveillance, intelligence collection and oversight in democracies, the rise of robotics in military and security affairs, and the rise of China in modern international relations.  (Click here to see a list of all NPF postings.)

This is not a partisan political website, nor is it intended to represent or champion any particular perspective -- though I will myself necessarily bring to the table views inescapably shaped in various ways by the modern American experience.  Far from seeking to use this site to create or reinforce some kind of sterile conceptual or ideological monoculture, I welcome debate on the myriad issues addressed herein. I have frequently published point/counterpoint essays here, am always happy to try my hand at explaining myself, and am delighted to be presented with insightfully challenging alternative views.  Thoughtful exchange on important topics is the fuel without which our public policy community cannot function in keeping this great Republic, and our world, safe and secure.  We hope you will approach reading the offerings here in this spirit -- and if you wish to argue back, feel free to reach out to me.

This is also not an aggregation site for other essays, news pieces, or other material.  Nor will you find NPF either beribboned with links giving opportunities to “Follow” or “Like” it on social media or encrusted with long strings of commentary from a disjointed tossed salad of web trolls and the occasional actual reader.  NPF does not even provide pictures and fancy graphics.  If you feel it unexciting to encounter unadorned texts that seek to provide thoughtful explorations of challenging issues, in other words, this is probably not the website for you.

If you are comfortable with such an “old school” approach to essay and argument, however, I am very glad to have you here -- and I hope you find the New Paradigms Forum valuable and informative.


-- Chris

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